We invite you to visit our show-room.           

           Office and show-room address: Derbenevsky business park territory, Derbenevskaia Street, 1, building 1, Moscow.  In the business park territory: office 19, floor 2, entrance 38.

           Phone and fax: 7 (495) 956-31-19. E-mail: info@kidmark.ru

           Operating time: Monday through Friday, with 10:00 till 19:00. Saturday and Sunday - day off.

           Show-room visit on preliminary record at your personal manager.

           The address for post correspondence: p.o. box 128, Derbenevskaia St., 1, building 1, Moscow.

          How to reach: metro Paveletsky (radial, Zamoskvoretsky line). An exit from the subway to the Paveletsky station (the first wagon from the center). After an exit from a building of the station turn to the right and follow directly to Kozhevnicheskaya Street. Pass without turning off from the street of 5-7 minutes. Before you there will be a corner of a brick house with a beauty salon sign "Figure correction" and the asphalted path on a diagonal. Pass on it, cross Derbenevskaya Street on a crosswalk. Before you a two-storey building with a checkpoint of  Derbenevsky business park. Pass through it to the territory. Follow directly to the entrance No. 38, floor 2, office 19. Time in a way: 10 minutes. Also, it is possible to reach our office also by buses No. 13,158,106, a stop "Derbenevskaia Street". The stop settles down on the left from an exit from a metro-station building.

See you!